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Access Control
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"fS=4" :
Control and Security
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Comprehensive packages, Terminals, reading and reading-writing Modules and application programs besides a real integration into various existing security management systems, thus making a complete offering to fulfill most needs in this area.



Comprehensive packages, Terminals and application programs with low, medium and high performance for the control and management of personnel.

Comprehensive packages, Terminals and application programs to aid with production control for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.


Auxiliary elements to our products that enable the connection between the CPUs and the Terminals with the PC where application programs and/or utility programs run.

"fS=4" : Control and Security


Access Badge


Specific elements for functional safety in environments that use the "fS=4" structures.

Any physical accreditation (cards, tags, etc.) that allows the user to interact with the Access Control, Time and Attendance and Shop Floor Data Capture systems.



OEM Modules


Utility programs


The OEM Modules are intended to be used under specifications others than those of Qontinuum, as far as they have enough power to be used in many markets where is needed industrial control, communications and even management applications.

Our products are accompanied by a number of utility programs to help in the setup and maintenance of the CPU, Terminals and Systems.



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